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Exciting News!  In order to provide better products and services in the future, Lancaster Red Rose CU is upgrading some of their technology through a conversion to occur on February 1st, 2021.  However as with all changes there are a few things that will require some additional attention.  Below is information we want our members to be aware of and the impact this change will have on you.

  • Account Numbers: Your existing account numbers will remain the same .  NOTE: Though your base member account number will not change, the account suffixes will be changing.
  • Online Banking:  You will notice a new online banking platform as a result of our core system upgrade. You will need to re-enroll in this service when you access it for the first time. NOTE: You will continue to go to to access our Online Banking platform. If you have previously bookmarked an old login page, you will need to update your bookmark.  We will have dedicated staff during normal business hours during the first week of February to assist in getting your reregistered
  • Mobile Banking: This change will include a new mobile app.  You will need to download the new app and reregister. The same staff for online banking noted above will be available for assisting mobile users.
  • Bill payment set up will remain the same and your bills should still be set up, including recurring payments, but we encourage you to verify this after the transition.
  • Due to the significant amount of data being transferred, we are unable to transfer account history in branch or within online and mobile banking.  We will still have access to pull the information for you; however, we invite you to review your records now and request any missing items prior to the conversion.  And to maintain your transaction records as we approach the February 1, 2021 conversion date.

Here are some important dates for our members to know:

Friday January 29th – Online and Mobile Banking will be unavailable after 3pm

Saturday January 30th – Conversion process *NO ACCESS TO ONLINE BANKING

Sunday January 31st – Conversion process *NO ACCESS TO ONLINE BANKING


Tuesday February 2nd – Online and Mobile Access Restored

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