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LRRCU Accounting Clerk


Summary: Perform work, including but not limited to performing work of a diverse character; serve as a bookkeeper; conducts invoice activities; pays vendors for delivered materials; performs clerical/administrative functions. Perform repetitive and routine bookkeeping and clerical accounting duties. Verify items such as bank statements to make sure they are accurate. Make the necessary corrections and balance the accounts. Prepare invoices such as checks, documents and other documents as requested. Maintain and adjust LRRCU's records as needed and authorized.

Core Areas of Essential Job Duties: Accounting & Reconciling – 70%: Maintain records, process, and update or reconcile various financial documents, such as profit and loss margins, billings, invoices, reimbursements, deposits and other documents. Ensure accuracy on all financial documents and performing clerical accounting or bookkeeping duties.

  • Verify accuracy of amounts listed on documents, maintaining various financial records, organizing documents to proper accounts, reconciling bank statements and other records of the accounting/finance department, encoding information into accounting systems or computer programs, compiling routine numerical information, performing research, printing and checking details of checks regularly, and recommending changes to finance-related department/company policies and practices.
  • Perform duties as requested by supervisor.


Audits and Reporting – 15%: Assist with the implementation and execution of the LRRCU’s internal auditing function. Monitor LRRCU for compliance with federal and state regulations. Duties result in creating appropriate Internal Audit reports for LRRCU management, and outside independent auditors and regulatory examiners. The essential job duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide significant help and support to senior officers to provide data and information for auditors and regulators, including but not limited to the Supervisory and Regulatory Exams
  • Ensure compliance with local, national and federal audit policies and regulations.
  • Prepare and supply information for various reports including but not limited to management reports, regulatory reports such as the call report and government reports such as the 990 and 990-T.
  • Analyze and evaluate the accuracy of accounting systems and procedures. Review, develop and recommend changes in accounting systems and controls of a business.
  • All other duties as requested by management.


ALM, Investments & Bond Accounting – 15%:

  • Upload data to FIMAC/NxtSft for ALM reporting.
    • Review and reconcile bond accounting reports to monthly activity. Provide record of   monthly investment transactions to bond accounting.
  • Conduct annual due diligence on all broker/dealer relationships.
  • Review investment options for possible purchases given parameters by management


Job Knowledge.

  • Bookkeeping – Knowledge of principles and processes for debit/credit entries and knowledge of data entry rules and procedures.
  • Knowledge of record retentions procedures
  • Has familiarity with identifying and unusual or suspect transactions in the ledgers or accounting logs.
  • Possesses proficient accounting and tally skills.
  • Attends mandatory training as well as takes advantage of other available training initiatives.
  • Knowledge of inventory and purchasing procedures and policies.



Work Results.

  • Performs accurate data entry/bookkeeping entries within allotted timeframes.
  • Properly keeps records according to retention schedule; ensuring records are easily retrieved.
  • Prepares accurate and grammatically correct correspondence as assigned.
  • Evaluates information to determine ongoing compliance with standards.
  • Uses relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with laws, regulations or standards.
  • Prepares and files reports on time, with accuracy and complete information.
  • Analyzes information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
  • Applies new knowledge and training to the job.


Education/Experience Required:

  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Must have bookkeeping or finance experience, or educational equivalent
  • Candidates/employees must provide official transcripts and diploma as required.
  • Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license is required.


Skills Needed:

  • Mathematics; Use math to solve problems.
  • Time Management; Managing one’s own time to meet deadlines
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing in English.
  • Ability to read and comprehend English whether in instructions or other communications.
  • Have dependable transportation or methods to get to work.
  • Ability to use the telephone.
  • Ability to effectively utilize a computer with attendant software and the ability to learn new software as is job appropriate.
  • Must have the ability to operate computer programs/software, including but not limited to, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, e-mail systems, and learn other software as required for the position.
  • Must have manual dexterity.
  • Must have the ability to sit, stand and walk for long periods.
  • Must have vision correctable to 20/20 – i.e., ability to use close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus.
  • Must have the ability to hear to normal hearing levels, or correctible to normal hearing levels to be able to interact with members and/or co-workers.
  • Must have the ability to maintain good personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Must have familiarity with government regulations, laws and guidelines at all government levels including financial reporting requirements and accounting rules.
  • Number Facility; The ability to add, subtract, multiply or divide quickly and correctly.
  • Member and Personal Service; Knowledge of principles and processes for providing member and personal services. This includes member needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of member satisfaction.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 - $18.00 per hour



  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Vision insurance

Physical Setting:


  • 8 hour shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Saturday (once a month)


Please forward resume to [email protected]  

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