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Fee Cost
Account Closure within 90 days of opening $5.00
Account History Print Out $2.00 per history
Account Research (one hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Card Replacement (ATM/ Debit Card / MasterCard) members requested $5.00 per card
Pin Reorder ( Debit or ATM card) $5.00 per pin
Replacement Card/ Pin Expedited ( to home or CU) $110.00 per card
ATM transactions (after 5 transactions) $0.50 per occurrence
Cashier’s/Certified/Bank Check (One free per day) $5.00 per check
Check Cashing (Members with Shares only) $2.00 per check
Check Cashing, Non Members (Checks drawn on LRRCU only) $5.00 per check
Club Early W/D & Closing $5.00 per occurence
Dormant Accounts ( 12 months of no member initiated activity) $5.00 per month
Excessive Withdrawal * $10.00 per occurrence
Escheat Account Processing $50.00 per account
Fax Service $2.00 per page
Legal Processes ( Levy, Writ, Subpoena, Garnishment) $125.00 per occurrence (plus attorney fee)
Membership $1.00
Money Market Savings (below $5000) $5.00 per month
Money Orders $1.00 per item
Overdraft Privilege $30.00 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfer $10.00 per item
Overdrafts (includes in-person, ATM, electronic, and check withdrawals) $30.00 per item
Payoff Letter $10.00 per letter
Returned Items ( ACH Non-Sufficient Funds / Deposited Checks Return Unpaid ) $30.00 per item
Returned Items $30.00 per item
Share Draft/Check Copy $2.00 per copy
Statement Reprint $2.00 per copy
Stop Payments ( Share Draft / Check Copy) $30.00 per item
Stop Payments ( Cashier's Check / Money Order) $5.00 per item
VISA Gift Cards $3.00 per gift card 
Incoming Wire Transfers ( Domestic / International ) $5.00 per wire
Outgoing Wire Transfers – Domestic $20.00 per wire
Outgoing Wire Transfers – International $40.00 per wire
Shared Branching - Account History Print-Out $2.00 per history
Shared Branching - Cashier's Check $5.00 per check
Shared Branching - Money Order $2.00 per item
Shared Branching - Notary Services $3.00 per document
Shared Branching - Visa Gift Cards $3.00 per gift card
Access to over 30,000 "CO-OP Network" ATMS FREE
Mail Deposits FREE
Online Banking FREE
Mobile Banking / Mobile Deposits FREE
Online Bill Pay FREE
Night Deposits FREE
Notary Service FREE
Telephone Transfers FREE
Cash Advance FREE
Co-Op Shared Branching FREE
E-Statements FREE
*Under Federal Regulation you may make no more than six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic, internet or telephone transfers, checks, drafts,and debit card or other similar transactions from your savings account or money market per statement cycle.  

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