Identity Theft

Top 4 Financial Topics I’ve Been Discussing

Throughout the year I've been participating in a Lunch & Learn series for the employees of Lancaster City. Each month we meet to discuss the top financial topics that are on their minds. The small group setting makes it easy for me to share … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Credit Card: What’s Up with the Magnetic Strip?

The first thing we look for when going out to eat, or entering a storefront: the Mastercard and Visa logos proudly displayed on the shop’s door or window.  Once you see these stickers adhered to the glass, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing … [Read more...]

I Lost My Debit Card! Now What?

Every day it seems our lives are becoming more and more hectic, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything. However, one thing that everyone constantly needs to keep track of is their purse or wallet where their money, driver’s license, … [Read more...]

Money Tips When Traveling Abroad

Whether you are a frequent international traveler or a trip abroad is a once in a lifetime event, it takes a lot of time and financial resources to plan international travel and we want your trip to be memorable for all the right reasons. The last … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself By Avoiding Email and Telephone Scams

Each and every day our personal, and even business, email accounts are filled with spam emails. Whether it’s marketing, promotions, newsletters or even online pharmacy emails, they continue to clutter our inboxes and be a nuisance. These spam emails … [Read more...]

10 Online Banking Best Practices – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog series, I laid out the first 5 tips for better online banking best practices, which included installing anti-virus and anti-malware software, installing anti-exploit software, not saving your login information, avoiding public … [Read more...]

10 Online Banking Best Practices – Part 1

When it comes to online banking best practices, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself, and your money, from possible fraud or compromise. Here at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, we want all our members to understand the threats out there and … [Read more...]

5 Identity Theft Protection Tips For Keeping Your Money Safer

Here at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, we strive to make and keep our members happy. However, not everything we help with will have an ‘easy fix,’ and one of those cases is identity theft. Identity theft is a huge issue and continues to grow every … [Read more...]

Young People Are At The Most Risk of Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft

What if your purse or wallet was stolen today? What would your first step be? Cry? Run after the person that stole it? Stand there dumbfounded that this actually happened to you?  Odds are your answer would be, all of the above. According to Street … [Read more...]

LRRCU & The Heartbleed Bug

Recently, the media has been reporting on a system vulnerability called "Heartbleed Bug." This vulnerability can compromise the encryption technology used to protect information transmitted over the Internet and allow personal information to be … [Read more...]

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