Do You Know About the 2017 Tax Filing Extension?

The date April 15 is probably as quickly recognizable to most Americans as July 4 or December 25. Traditionally recognized as Tax Day, it's the deadline for filing your previous year's tax return.  With one month to go, you may be feeling the … [Read more...]

Financing A New Home: Answering Homebuyer Questions

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Getting Out of Debt: You Can Do It and Here’s How to Get Started

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4 Financial Resolutions To Start Any Day of the Year [Downloadable Family Budget Worksheet]

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Holiday Shopping Tips for Your Spending Personality

Although 41% of consumers report starting their holiday shopping in October or even earlier (Wow! Good for you!), an estimated 69% of Americans will shop over the Thanksgiving weekend. Early research from the National Retail Federation shows that the … [Read more...]

Successfully Plan for Holiday Shopping on a Budget [Downloadable Budget Sheet]

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Store Credit Cards, Balance Transfers & More: Make the Smart Money Decision

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How To Be Financially Smart At Any Age

  As you go through the stages of life what it means to be “financially smart” will change. A smart financial move when you’re approaching your 40s is not the same as a smart financial move for a 19-year-old in college. At 40, there are more … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Retirement?: Essential Information on IRAs and 401(k)s

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All About Your Credit Score: What it is and Why it’s Important

Have you had the chance to check your credit score recently?  Were you pleased with the results? If so, you’re good company. Many Americans are seeing their credit scores jump.  According to April 2017 information from Fair Isaac, the creator of FICO … [Read more...]