Welcome to the LRRCU Blog

The newest web feature to be added to Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, is a new blog!


Here on the blog we will be discussing topics that are important to LRRCU members. You may see various topics like perks of using a credit union, financing, and banking topics. Special blogs will be devoted to the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign that is striving to protect the non-profit status of credit unions and the 96 million credit union members! But as always, we are working for you! What topics do you want to learn more about?

Abby Keibach
Abby Keibach

Abby Kiebach is the Chief Executive Officer at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union. As the CEO of a community credit union serving Lancaster County, PA, she is dedicated to maintaining the strength and stability of LRRCU while providing personal member service to all current, and future, members. In her spare time, Abby loves to volunteer for a full range of local community organizations and spend time with her family.