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If you’re heading to college in the fall, then you most likely are trying to scrounge up every penny you can find in order to pay for the many costs. From dorm room supplies to the biggest monster of all (tuition) you’re probably freaking out about all the money you have to dish out in such a short amount of time.

Don’t worry! You aren’t the first person to be scared out of your mind by college costs, nor will you be the last. Paying for college necessities is completely doable; you just have to pay attention to how much of your money you’re spending, and where it is going. It’s really easy to overspend on certain college necessities, especially if it’s your first year.

The easiest things to overspend on are textbooks. Almost all of your classes will require at least one (some even multiple) and those books are quite pricey. However, you can avoid the ginormous bill and save on college textbooks if you follow these tips. It’s that easy!

Save on College Textbooks

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Abby Keibach
Abby Keibach

Abby Kiebach is the Chief Executive Officer at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union. As the CEO of a community credit union serving Lancaster County, PA, she is dedicated to maintaining the strength and stability of LRRCU while providing personal member service to all current, and future, members. In her spare time, Abby loves to volunteer for a full range of local community organizations and spend time with her family.