VISA Debit Card

VISA Debit Card

Everyone needs a check card. This one is ours. The VISA Debit Card is faster than writing checks, and safer than carrying cash.

  • Accepted at million of locations worldwide
  • Unlimited Credit & Point of Sale Transactions
  • No annual fee

Current LRRCU members may apply for a VISA Debit Card by calling our office at 717.295.6685 or 800.995.6685 (if outside the 717 area code). Or visit your local LRRCU branch.

Members who do not have a checking account may be issued an ATM card to access their savings.

VISA and MasterCard Rewards® Program

Link your credit & debit cards for added value.

  • Shop! with UChoose Rewards® – You can shop like you normally would and watch the rewards add up. Plus, shop with participating UChoose Rewards® retailers and earn even more points!
  • Earn Points – Simply use your Debit Card Rewards anywhere and you will earn points per dollar spent when you shop for everyday needs and more. But that’s not all – earn even MORE points when you use your LRRCU VISA or MasterCard at the participating retailers listed on this website It’s that easy!
  • Enjoy Your Rewards – Watch your rewards add up! Then, redeem them for exciting options like the latest electronics, trendy clothing, airline tickets – and more

Lancaster Red Rose CU’s Verified by VISA Service!

VerifiedByVisaVerified by Visa adds an extra layer of security to make it harder for someone else to use your VISA card to shop online in the unfortunate event your VISA card or account number is lost or stolen. Each time your VISA credit or debit card is presented to make an online purchase at a participating merchant, know that Verified by VISA is working to make sure it is you that is attempting to make that purchase and not someone else. There is no special software to install. You will continue to shop as usual, and your enrolled VISA card number will be automatically recognized at checkout.


Why should I sign up for Verified by VISA? ▿

VISA offers comprehensive fraud protection, but Verified by VISA goes even a step further, adding an extra layer of security at the point where you enter credit card information online. The service helps prevent unauthorized online use before it happens.

Doesn’t VISA already protect my card from theft and fraud? ▿

VISA’s multiple layers of protection give you an extraordinary level of security, so you can feel confident whenever and wherever you use your card. Verified by VISA is only one part of our five-layer system to prevent, detect, and resolve security issues.

Can I use Verified by VISA with any VISA card I have now? ▿

Yes, Verified by VISA is designed to protect the VISA card, or cards, that you already have – whether they are credit cards or debit cards.

How do I shop with Verified by VISA? ▿

When you pay with your VISA card, the Verified by VISA service launches automatically at participating online stores. After you enter your VISA card number and submit your order, a Verified by VISA window will appear and your card issuer will display an authentication page.

Due to water damage, our Embassy Drive branch will be closed until further notice. Items placed in the night deposit box will be processed daily. Members can visit our other branches to conduct transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get the branch up and running as soon as possible.