May 19 to May 23 Route 23 Roadwork

Attention Main Office visitors – roadwork will commence Monday, May 19, 2014 through Friday, May 22, 2014. For full information please visit Lancaster Online. The Main Office will be open for normal business hours during the roadwork. Call 717-295-6685 for assistance.

“New Holland Avenue Detour:

From May 19 to May 22 (tentative based on weather), New Holland Ave will be CLOSED to thru-traffic between Ross Street and Walnut Street. Detours will be setup from 7:00am to 4:00pm. Motorists will be advised via message boards at Plum Street (western end) and Pleasure Road (eastern end) a week prior to the detour. Once the detour is established, the message boards will be moved to Route 30 to advise motorists of the detour/delay, and to use another route such as Walnut Street from Route 30.”

There are also signs posted (as of today) coming off Route 30 which describe that ‘portions’ of Route 23 (New Holland Avenue) will be CLOSED from May 19th through 24th. This will greatly impact our 3 entrances on New Holland Avenue. Thankfully we have the South entrance/exit which is accessible from both US 30 at the “Walnut Street” Exit or from Chestnut Street if coming from Lancaster City.   

All tenants should inform their staff and any visitors, delivery or shipments expected during this time to use the South Entrance.

For Building 16 tenants:

We will open the “Interior Gate” identified on the attached site plan (this is usually locked) the whole week of May 19-24 to allow your staff and shipments to come in and out through the Main Gate as they access the facility from the South entrance. Note: We are also going to arrange and schedule the much needed re-paving of the West gate entrance during this time (we will only close ½ at a time so the entrance/exit will still be useable) in order to take advantage of this situation.

During the affected time period is Election Day. All ballots are processed here at the Park at Building 9 but the activity and traffic is in the evening after 8 PM when the polls close and roadwork should be done for the day. This will hopefully lessen the impact on those coming and going in the usual route. Adjustments may have to be made. We hope that the road in front (Route 23) of Burle Business Park will remain open at all times even if it is restricted to one lane.  As Route 23 is a State Road, we are not informed by Penn Dot about their plans and we have not received any kind of notice or news.  Should we receive any news or updates to this information we will share it immediately.

Route 23 roadwork site plan


Liz Oliver
Liz Oliver

Liz Oliver is the Member & Loan Services Officer at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union. She’s been a member of the LRRCU team since 2007.

Due to water damage, our Embassy Drive branch will be closed until further notice. Items placed in the night deposit box will be processed daily. Members can visit our other branches to conduct transactions. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get the branch up and running as soon as possible.