Make Sure That Your Online Banking Is Safe And Secure


Many banks and credit unions, including Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, offer online banking options through the Internet to make banking more accessible and convenient. Online banking allows members and customers to safely access and manage their finances without traveling to the bank. However, like any financial transaction, it is important to make good choices while banking online to avoid scams and surprises.


Here’s some tips to stay safe when using online banking:

Confirm Your Deposits Are Insured:

You can usually find information about your bank’s FDIC insurance coverage under the “About Us” section on the bank’s website. You can also look for the FDIC logo or the words “Member FDIC” on the bank’s website to verify a bank’s insurance status.


Help Keep Your Transaction Secure:

Because the Internet is a public network, it is critical to keep your banking information guarded. Many sites use, and implement, security features like encryption and PIN numbers for added coverage. Safe online banking practices translate into email too. Even if an email looks like it may be from your bank, go directly to the bank’s website and log in there instead of clicking on the embedded link.


Protect yourself from fraudulent Web sites:

Copycat Web sites purposely use Web addresses that are very similar to those of real financial institutions to lure consumers into giving them personal and banking information. Always check to make sure you have typed in the Web address correctly before conducting any financial transaction. Also, beware of websites that ask for personal information such as your Social Security Number at checkout – these sites are normally scams.

Interested in learning more about online banking? Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our online banking features.



Kara Vincent
Kara Vincent

Kara Vincent is the Financial Officer at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union.

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