Direct Deposit – Why It Never Comes on the Weekends or Holidays

Editor's Note: This post was originally posted on August 14, 2014, and has been updated for accuracy and to include updated information. Have you ever wondered why you never receive your pay on the weekend, even if it is a direct deposit? Or, it’s … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Overdraft Fees

The best way to avoid overdraft fees is to manage your account so that you don’t go past your available balance. This means keeping track of all the funds coming into and going out of the account including checks, finance charges, interest, payroll, … [Read more...]

Wild About Savings Accounts for Your Kids

April is right around the corner and we're gearing up for National Credit Union Youth Month and for this year's theme: “Wild About Savings!" Starting a savings plan while young has many benefits. That goes for your children or any other family … [Read more...]

What Is Overdraft and How Can It Be Prevented?

The first question is easy to answer. What is overdraft? An overdraft transaction is an item that gets paid out of your account even though there are not enough funds in that account at the time the item was trying to clear. As far as how you can … [Read more...]

What is a Good Credit Score?

As you make any financial move, your credit score comes front and center. Simply put, your credit score tells companies your credit worthiness. Anytime you apply for a credit card, home or auto loan, purchase a life insurance policy or even apply for … [Read more...]

Money Tips When Traveling Abroad

Whether you are a frequent international traveler or a trip abroad is a once in a lifetime event, it takes a lot of time and financial resources to plan international travel and we want your trip to be memorable for all the right reasons. The last … [Read more...]

How To Safely Make Online Purchases

With a busy lifestyle, shopping online and even buying from TV have become the quick and easy ways to buy the things we need. But do you ever give pause and worry about the possibility of debit card or credit card fraud that can come with the ease of … [Read more...]