The Problems with Prepaid Debit Cards

There's always a little bit of confusion surrounding prepaid debit cards.  They certainly aren't credit cards, they're more than gift cards, and they work a little bit differently than your bank's debit card. Very simply, once activated, prepaid … [Read more...]

How Americans Feel About Personal Finances | Infographic

Personal finances are exactly that...personal.  Some individuals feel pretty confident, like they have a good handle on how they're saving and spending their money. Others feel very unsure about their current and future financial picture. Now … [Read more...]

Beware! Hidden Costs Throwing Your Finances Off Track

With online banking portals, mobile deposit options, and improved fraud protection, it’s easier than ever to manage your finances. However, there are still hidden costs that can throw your finances off track. Watch out for these sneaky financial … [Read more...]

Your Money Goes Further With Overseas Travel in 2015

At times it may feel like Lancaster, PA is about as far away as you can get from a quaint French bistro, a lively Italian piazza or the pristine mountains of Switzerland. But the fact is, overseas travel may be a little closer than you think this … [Read more...]

Top 4 Financial Topics I’ve Been Discussing

Throughout the year I've been participating in a Lunch & Learn series for the employees of Lancaster City. Each month we meet to discuss the top financial topics that are on their minds. The small group setting makes it easy for me to share … [Read more...]

Renter’s insurance 101: What You Need to Know

You’ve finally moved into your new apartment! You’ve set up the cable and wi-fi, organized your new closet and hung the last picture on the wall…you can finally relax and enjoy your new space, right? Not just yet. There’s one more thing you should do … [Read more...]

Essential Information on IRAs | Slideshare

In the past we shared several articles with information on Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). We've broken down the facts on Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and why IRAs may be a smarter option than your company 401K. Today we're taking all of … [Read more...]

Summer School: The Best Books about Money

Full of holidays and vacation days, summer is a great time to tackle that ever-growing reading list you’ve been compiling in your head. Why not use your time off to invest in your financial future, too? Whether you’re taking a fabulous … [Read more...]

Smart Summer Spending: 3 Ways to Smart-cation

In years past stay-cations were the popular way to vacation on a incredibly limited budget. Instead of packing up for a week or two away, couples and families were taking extended weekend trips or even day trips at locations near their … [Read more...]

Insurance Awareness Day: Are you Covered?

Insurance, in concept, is something we all know we need.  And most of us carry multiple types of insurance; life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance.  But the same concerns always creep in. Am I covered for the right things? Do I have enough … [Read more...]

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