Cheap Ways to Have Fun in Fall

Cooler weather, changing leaves, football season…fall is just around the corner! While it may be time for us to say goodbye to another summer of savings, we know fall fun doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Check out our favorite cheap ways to … [Read more...]

You Can Help to Stop the Data Breaches!

My favorite thing about being part of the credit union community is the way that credit unions band to together to create awareness of issues concerning our members. In the past, we've reached out to Congress to fight for credit unions to keep their … [Read more...]

Know Your Financial Current Events – Fall 2015

As we head into Labor Day weekend, in Lancaster County we are seeing the lowest gas prices in the county in over a decade. Great for those of you hitting the road for a final hurrah of summer, but it's also a sign of many financial current events … [Read more...]

The Problems with Prepaid Debit Cards

There's always a little bit of confusion surrounding prepaid debit cards.  They certainly aren't credit cards, they're more than gift cards, and they work a little bit differently than your bank's debit card. Very simply, once activated, prepaid … [Read more...]

Sharpen Your Saving Smarts: Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Whether you’re stocking up on notebooks and glue sticks, a new laptop, or textbooks, back-to-school supply lists can cost parents a pretty penny. Not to mention extras like new clothes and shoes, lunch bags, or furnishing a dorm room. Consider these … [Read more...]

How Americans Feel About Personal Finances | Infographic

Personal finances are exactly that...personal.  Some individuals feel pretty confident, like they have a good handle on how they're saving and spending their money. Others feel very unsure about their current and future financial picture. Now … [Read more...]

Beware! Hidden Costs Throwing Your Finances Off Track

With online banking portals, mobile deposit options, and improved fraud protection, it’s easier than ever to manage your finances. However, there are still hidden costs that can throw your finances off track. Watch out for these sneaky financial … [Read more...]

Your Money Goes Further With Overseas Travel in 2015

At times it may feel like Lancaster, PA is about as far away as you can get from a quaint French bistro, a lively Italian piazza or the pristine mountains of Switzerland. But the fact is, overseas travel may be a little closer than you think this … [Read more...]

Top 4 Financial Topics I’ve Been Discussing

Throughout the year I've been participating in a Lunch & Learn series for the employees of Lancaster City. Each month we meet to discuss the top financial topics that are on their minds. The small group setting makes it easy for me to share … [Read more...]

Renter’s insurance 101: What You Need to Know

You’ve finally moved into your new apartment! You’ve set up the cable and wi-fi, organized your new closet and hung the last picture on the wall…you can finally relax and enjoy your new space, right? Not just yet. There’s one more thing you should do … [Read more...]