Your First Paycheck: Where Does the Money Go?

Congratulations graduates!  In Lancaster, PA and all around the country college seniors are tossing their graduation caps high in the sky and starting their adventures in the “real world.”  As a new graduate, the biggest step is entering the work … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Overdraft Fees

The best way to avoid overdraft fees is to manage your account so that you don’t go past your available balance. This means keeping track of all the funds coming into and going out of the account including checks, finance charges, interest, payroll, … [Read more...]

What Do Closing Costs Include? Answering a Top Homebuyer FAQ

This past Friday was recognized as New Homeowner Day.  If you're a first-time homebuyer you're introduced to many new concepts during the home buying process.  And probably the most mystifying concept is “closing costs.”  You've no doubt heard the … [Read more...]

The Future of Savings: A Credit Union #FutureofSaving Tweet Chat

We are always excited about sharing information on the benefits of being a credit union member and financial tips with members of the community. So when our friends at Nerd Wallet, A Smarter Choice and the NCU Foundation asked us to participate in a … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Credit Card: What’s Up with the Magnetic Strip?

The first thing we look for when going out to eat, or entering a storefront: the Mastercard and Visa logos proudly displayed on the shop’s door or window.  Once you see these stickers adhered to the glass, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Your Finances: Keep it, Update it or Toss it?

After a long winter, just a little bit of sunshine is enough to motivate you to be productive and tackle a few projects around the house.  Just like you clean up and clean out around the house, you should put a little time into spring cleaning your … [Read more...]

Filing Your Taxes on Tax Day? 2 ½ Ways to Get it Done

Tax Day has arrived! For many of you, this means your tax return was mailed off or electronically submitted weeks ago. For others, it means a Tax Day race to the finish. The IRS reports that 20-25% of all Americans wait until the last two weeks to … [Read more...]

Creating a Financial Plan for College

If you’re rounding the corner and sprinting to the home plate of your high school career, you may be seriously looking into what’s next for you. Whether it’s trade school or a bachelor’s degree at a traditional university, chances are you’re … [Read more...]

Avoid The Dealership: Surprising Places to Buy a Car

The car buying process has shifted quite a bit in the last few years.  You no longer have to spend hours at a dealership browsing the inventory, negotiating the purchase price, excess fees, trade-in value and financing.  Now car buyers can avoid the … [Read more...]

Financial Advice for Kids Straight from the Pros

In honor of Youth Savings Month, we're taking words of wisdom and key takeaways from some of the top personal finance books and positioning them to provide expert financial advice for kids.  It's important to start your children on a financially … [Read more...]