How Credit Union Mortgage Lending Differs From Bank Loans

In 2014 credit unions across the country celebrated a huge milestone- we broke the 100 million member mark nation-wide. While some people may still view credit unions as offering very basic savings and checking options, in reality, our members are … [Read more...]

Creating a Family Budget is Necessary in Today’s Economy

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Finance Planning and Investment

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5 Identity Theft Protection Tips For Keeping Your Money Safer

Here at Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, we strive to make and keep our members happy. However, not everything we help with will have an ‘easy fix,’ and one of those cases is identity theft. Identity theft is a huge issue and continues to grow every … [Read more...]

How to Find the Right Local Financial Advisor

Financial planning and management is no walk in the park. Whether it is due to lack of time and resources or a complicated situation, consider hiring a local financial advisor. As your preferred Lancaster, Pa. credit union, we’re proud to partner … [Read more...]

Direct Deposit – Why It Never Comes on the Weekends or Holidays

Have you ever wondered why in this day and age where everything is done electronically, you never receive your pay on the weekend, even if it is a direct deposit? Or it’s the middle of the week, you know that your local financial institution is open … [Read more...]

Three Reasons To Invest In Life Insurance

Thinking about premature death is something that many people may label as morbid and as a topic that they would rather not think about, let alone discuss. But as your preferred Lancaster, Pa. credit union, it’s our duty to prepare you for the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Mortgage Loan Costs

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Save On College Textbooks – INFOGRAPHIC

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Six Tips to Help Your Back-to-School Shopping Spree

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