Children are Victims of Identity Theft Too

We've discussed the issue of identity theft on our blog previously, but today we're looking at victims of identity theft that you may not realize are a threat, your children. In one of the largest reports on child ID theft, Carnegie Mellon's Cylab … [Read more...]

5 Questions to Ask When Applying For a Loan

Applying for a loan, no matter what kind, can be a daunting process. A great way to ease your stress is to formulate a list of questions before beginning the process. Doing a little research can go a long way and will help you be prepared for what … [Read more...]

5 Pieces of Advice for Second-Time Home Buyers

We give first-time home buyers a lot of attention and hand-holding, mostly because the whole process in unchartered territory to them. It's often assumed that second- or third-time home buyers don't need as much guidance since they've been through it … [Read more...]

Insurance Awareness: Are you Covered?

UPDATE: We updated this article from June 2015 to include our "Does Your Insurance Have You Covered?" SlideShare. Insurance, in concept, is something we all know we need.  And most of us carry multiple types of insurance; life insurance, auto … [Read more...]

5 Common Fraud Schemes

UPDATE: In the past week, police have been investigating the use of credit card/ATM skimmers at a banking location in Lebanon County.  Several months ago our IT Manager, Matt Steffy provided information on common fraud schemes that cyber criminals … [Read more...]

Approach Your Student Loan Repayment Confidently

Graduating from college leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and relief knowing that late night study sessions and term papers are a thing of the past. Don’t ruin your state of euphoria by fretting over your student loans. By approaching those … [Read more...]

Say Hello to Chip-Based Credit Cards!

In her “What to Expect in 2015” blog post, our CEO, Abby Kiebach, eluded to upcoming changes in personal security in the credit union industry, including the introduction of chip-based credit cards.  Formally called EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) … [Read more...]

The Countdown’s On: Tips on Saving Money for the Holidays

Can you believe we’re only 3 months from Christmas! The holiday season will be here before we know it. It’ll soon be time to deck the halls, trim the tree and shop for the friends and family on your holiday list. But does the thought of the holidays … [Read more...]

Cheap Ways to Have Fun in Fall

Cooler weather, changing leaves, football season…fall is just around the corner! While it may be time for us to say goodbye to another summer of savings, we know fall fun doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Check out our favorite cheap ways to … [Read more...]

You Can Help to Stop the Data Breaches!

My favorite thing about being part of the credit union community is the way that credit unions band to together to create awareness of issues concerning our members. In the past, we've reached out to Congress to fight for credit unions to keep their … [Read more...]