Top Financial Tools for Millennials

Millennials are on the rise in Pennsylvania!  Of the 75.3 million Millennials reported in the most recent U.S. Census, 2.8 million are living in Pennsylvania. Millennials is the generational nickname given to the population born in the 1980s and … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Use Home Equity Wisely

The equity you have built in your home can be a source of cash to use for whatever purpose you need. The key is to make sure you use your home equity wisely, and not foolishly or in a way that could burden your financial situation further. The … [Read more...]

4 Questions Everyone Has About Paying for College – INFOGRAPHIC

We previously took you through our Student Loan 101 post and outlined the ways that college-bound students and their families can pay for a college education.  In this post we'll follow-up by providing answers to a few of the most frequently asked … [Read more...]

Why You Should Attend Your Credit Union Annual Meeting

With just one account, depositing as little as $5 in some cases, you become one of the most important people in the credit union industry, a member-owner.  That deposit makes you the owner of a small share of your local credit union.  It's the most … [Read more...]

Saving Money in College

Whether you’re in the final stretch of your college education, or you’ve just received your first acceptance letter, it’s important to have a good understanding of your financial status as a college student. Student loans may create the illusion that … [Read more...]

Deferred Interest Financing, What’s My Best Option?

We’ve all been there, you’re at a furniture or home improvement store and are facing the question: “Would you like 5% off or 6-months interest free on this purchase?”  You’re suddenly faced with the need for a quick-decision that could put a great … [Read more...]

With Falling Gas Costs, Keep up Smart Spending Habits

The decline in gas prices — the current national rate at $2.27 per gallon as of Feb. 16 — along with decreasing unemployment and other positive economic signals means that you might be in the mood to spend those savings on a new TV or that new coat … [Read more...]

I Lost My Debit Card! Now What?

Every day it seems our lives are becoming more and more hectic, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything. However, one thing that everyone constantly needs to keep track of is their purse or wallet where their money, driver’s license, … [Read more...]

Sharing Financial Tips for Small Businesses

Lancaster County is well-known as a thriving location for small businesses. A bustling downtown scene with independently owned shops and restaurants, “America's Coolest Small Town” Lititz, PA whose streets are filled with small shop owners, and even … [Read more...]

How Mortgage Insurance Works

It's hard to imagine here in Lancaster, PA, where we are facing a new Winter Weather Advisory, but we're less than 2 months away from spring, ushering us into home-buying season.  The snow melts away, the lawns are a little greener and house hunting … [Read more...]